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M & N of Alabama can make your marina dreams come true. Whether you need two slips or two hundred, we are up to the task. Our design and construction teams can take you from concept to completion, including site selection and optimization, permitting and all phases of construction. Give us a call today.

Piers and Docks
M & N of Alabama specializes in all forms of commercial and residential piers and docking facilities. Our skilled craftsmen take pride in constructing rugged, attractive shoreside features and accesses. We can design and fabricate any type of pier or dock structure, fixed, floating, or combination. Whether you want a simple wooden walkway and boathouse or a massive concrete mooring facility, M & N of Alabama is your solution. As always, we're equipped to handle all design and permitting in addition to the construction.

Bulkheads, Retaining Walls
Your waterfront property is too valuable to watch it wash away due to erosion. Bulkheads and retaining walls stop the wash and can be very attractive and functional.
M & N of Alabama offers a variety of shoreline and canal stabilization solutions, ranging from simple to extreme. Drainage routing and water control structures are specialties also.


Piling installation is M & N's stock in trade. Wood, concrete, or composite, out in deep water or high and dry, we install them all. Don't take chances with shadetree contractors! Call M & N of Alabama for your piling needs today. We guarantee and service everything we sell and install.

Fuel Systems, Shore Power, & Other Amenities
Let M & N provide your fuel, power, and plumbing systems. We install and service all types of dockside infrastructure and amenities. Call us today to discuss your ideas.

Water, sewer, fuel, lubricants, sumps, pumpouts, electrical conduits.